I have 5 best friends there names are Kolbi,Alayna,Sammie,Blaine and Kyle. They are all very nice. They all like sports. Ariana is nice she likes to play kickball and can kick far. Alayna is also very nice she likes baseball and kickball she has a brother and she has a cat and likes to go bowling on the weekends. Sammie is also nice she likes softball and kick ball also she plays on my team the redbirds girls only softball.Sammie has a sister and does not have a dog any more but she did.Blaine likes to play football and did play softball but not any more and she has a sister and a dog.Kyle is nice to and likes football and his favorite color is green he has a brother and not sure if he has any pets but kyle has been in my class for 2 or 3 years. this year i am in mrs. oetgens class and she is very cool and kyle likes her to and Alayna is in mrs.oetgen class and blaine is in mrs.oetgen class.Arianna,kolbi, and sammie all go to a different school.

what are your favorite class and not class friends?
mine are up there,gracie
gracie-kaela ,lainy