hi my name is gracie and my favorite sport is softball i play 10 and under on the redbirds there is also 12 and under and 14 and under in the redbirds there are 16 and under but not in the redbirds. my coach is my dad [Greg] he is a good coach. I have about 10 or 11 people on my team. there all really nice. A team called Blue ridge heat is really good we have never beat then but they are really nice and they have a nice coach to. One time after one game we got beat so we had to go home but me my sister calin and tt stayed a little to watch there game and they let us in there dugout and when one games was over they all got ice cream and the got us some and that was really nice of them. Any way one games we were playing and it was in sa southern death territory i was up to bat and i got walked then i stole to second and all most got out.Then i was stealing to 3 and the catcher throwed the ball and the 3 basemen missed the ball so i went home and i scored and then my team like attached me because i scored the winning run.

A couple weeks ago we had our first game for this year. Well are first 2 games. My sister also plays softball on a older team but they have the same name as us. Any way the 12 u people played the first games and we played the last games.My sister's team played first. They played shockwave. They won that game. Then shockwave played the flames. I am not sure who won that game. Than my sister's team played the flames. The redbirds won {which is my sister's team] the game and guess what my sister's got a inside the park GRAN SLAM!!!!!. Then it was are turn to play. We played the fireballs first we won. Then the fireballs played aftershock the fireballs won. Then we played aftershock we won.Then all the games were done so every went home.

A couple days ago we had so more games first we played blue ridge heat we lost. When we were playing blue ridge heat I got 1 big hit right beside the second base man and second base. After the game was over we gave a little thing out to the player that did really good and I got the little thing! Then we played this green team and we lost and Lacey got the little thing. This was all on sunday to. When we lost that game we were out we could not play any more games we came in last place. Then we watched blue ridge heat play the last game and lost so they came in second place and the green team came in first.